Hotmail Outlook

In just 24 hours, the new Outlook email service which will replaced Microsoft Hotmail, reached a record of one million subscribed users.

As the company announced on his own Twitter account, Hotmail’s change has met with rave reviews thanks to the new more streamlined interface which is clean and is more integrated into social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn.

hotmail outlook

Hotmail Outlook

Hotmail is one of the oldest email management platforms. Launched in 1996, the service was the first email address for many of the most active users on the network today.

16 years after its launch Hotmail is renewed to try to cope with offers like Gmail from Google and Facebook itself placing their bets on a radical rebranding. Nowadays Hotmail sounds like something from the last century.

Current users can keep their address but they will be within the platform. Just give click to “Upgrade to Outlook” (Hotmail Outlook) in the account settings to evolve your service but you can return to your traditional Hotmail service whenever you want.

But what are the goals of te new Outlook mail service?

Cleaner interface

As says the Mashable site, the new image of Outlook is much cleaner, much like that the ones in the Windows Phone. It also offers customization options. You can choose aspects as color and font to your liking.

It offers a simplified tool bar that displays options once you select a message. It also maintains its traditional folders.

Goodbye ads

To date, commercial banners were part of the Hotmail’s forced view, something that is missed in Gmail and of the main reasons that Google’s plataform managed to attract many followers. Now the ads you see on your tray will be according to the personal data of each user.

Microsoft imitates text ads that appear on Google results and will only appear in official post, such as a bank or a news letter to which you have subscribed.

When an ad interests you, you can simply move the cursor over it to click and… a pop up ad is displayed.

 Social networks for all

The other major update of Hotmail is that it syncs with Facebook so you can receive notifications, like posts… What’s more, your address book takes the photograph of your Facebook’s friends and makes them the profile pictures of Hotmail Outlook.

Meanwhile, LinkedIn announced that thanks to an agreement with Microsoft, users of the network can access the social service information through Outlook.

 Other tools

One of the great successes of this service is the integration it has with the video conferencing service, Skype, that lets you start conversations from the inbox.

Another form of contact is the Windows Live Messenger, which you can access at any time while you check your email.

 Microsoft will also make use of the cloud as it will allow you to open and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint online from the inbox and it can store documents in the cloud computing service company, SkyDrive.

Long story short, Outlook is the improved version of Hotmail.


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